Kentucky Lottery holiday TV

The Kentucky Lottery has been serving the state for over 30 years, raising money for education, awarding jackpots – and adding a little fun to day-to-day life for millions across the Commonwealth. BCH is proud to have been the Kentucky Lottery’s Agency of Record for close to a decade, and the partnership has led to lots of great creative work.




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Breaking through the holiday clutter

During the holiday season, most advertising messages blend into a drone of gift-giving goading and Black Friday blowouts. Commanding viewers’ attention while adrift in an ocean of red and green sameness can be tough. So, when the Kentucky Lottery came to BCH for an attention-grabbing holiday TV spot for Scratch-Off tickets, we spent a good amount of time, well, scratching our heads.


A new twist on an old favorite

Since the holiday season includes tons of great traditions, from the clothes we wear (ugly sweaters) to the songs we sing (pretty carols), we decided to meet our audience where they were. Our goal was to take something people already loved about the holidays and put a fun spin on it. But why keep explaining? Just have a look at the spot and you’ll see what we mean.


And we have a winner

The Grandma spot was a smashing success. Not only did it boost ticket sales for the year, audience research showed it was one of the most memorable, well-liked TV spots in Kentucky Lottery history. In fact, it tested so well that the Lottery decided to run it again this holiday season, plus carry over our perfectly cast Grandma to all point of sale materials.

It just goes to show, holiday traditions are traditions for a reason. And just like Santa Claus, ugly sweaters and Festivus Poles, nothing brings people together like a song about a reindeer-trampled grandparent.