Brand Adoption™

Our proprietary process, Brand Adoption™, is how we work with clients to get the brand right, from the beginning. As the only agency in the region with an in-house research facility used to garner key consumer insights, we are uniquely positioned to help build and grow your brand.

We use Brand Adoption to audit an existing brand to make sure it is heading in the right direction, to rebrand when adjustments are needed, to understand an existing brand so that all communications will support it properly, and to develop a new brand from the ground up.

Detailing BCH's Brand Foundation
Detailing BCH's Brand Foundation

The Brand Foundation

To get to the foundation of a brand, we immerse ourselves in your product, service or business. Our internal discovery includes individual and group interviews with key stakeholders. Our external discovery seeks to understand the mindset of the target audience and other important influencers.

Next, we’ll pinpoint your marketing opportunity after our deep dive into the business segment to assess the competitive environment and analyze consumer motivation and decision-making factors.

Where the internal discovery, external discovery and marketing opportunity intersect is where we discover the brand foundation.

Channel Planning

With a strategic brand platform in place, we move to communication planning. The Brand Engagement Map™ we create for each client ensures you reach your audience across all viable channels, including:

  • Paid media – advertising and other marketing
  • Earned media – press coverage, word-of-mouth and other public relations
  • Owned media – including your website, packaging, facilities, CRM and other assets
  • Shared media – the social media landscape

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